Wednesday, July 17, 2013


It's one in the morning and I can't sleep . The verdict from this  case just blows my mine !

At first  I thought  well i don't all the evidence , so i couldn't say he was nor innocent.
Then  i read up on case and i have to say............  SCREW FLORIDA'S JUSTICE SYSTEM  AND THE PEOPLE WHO RUN IT !!!!!
  Lets look at the facts : 1. zimmerman was neighborhood watch guy not a cop!!!!!  Just because you are  part of neighborhood watch  does not mean you have rights cop  .  you duty as a neighborhood wath member is to watch and report suspicious activity  , not get involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. he was told  not get out of his car ! so there was no reason for him to  get out his car .

3.   Sanford Police Department's homicide detective Christopher Serino recommends Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter. 
Zimmerman "failed to identify himself" as a concerned citizen or neighborhood watch member on two occasions that night. Serino reports that he thought Zimmerman's head injuries were "marginally consistent with a life-threatening episode, as described by him, during which neither a deadly weapon nor deadly force were deployed by Trayvon Martin. So how  is Trayvon responsible for his  own death ?

I do not think zimmerman that day said i am going to kill a 17 year old  kid today  but i do think zimmerman  had no right  to go after Tryavon. Zimmerman should be in jail !

I do hope one day zimmerman will truth one day , so trayvon's folks can have  a little peace. 

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